What is your refund policy?

For Original Paintings, customers can cancel their order(s) and receive a full refund within 24 hours of purchase. All sales are final after such period expires. Original Paintings are shipped out within a week of purchase. 
For T-Shirts, all sales are final upon purchase. T-Shirt orders are shipped out within 2 weeks of purchase.

I can't afford to buy your painting(s) in full. Can I pay in installments?

Yes! Here's how my payment plan program works:

1.    DM or email me about a painting (s) you’re interested in.

2.    If the artwork(s) of interest are available, pay a minimum of 20% of the price for first deposit. Upon payment, you have 30 days to pay off the remaining balance. Cost of frames and shipping are included in the balance (if applicable). 

3.    You will receive your painting (s) once the remaining balance is paid!

Terms and conditions

The initial 20% minimum deposit, and any other partial payments made before full balance is paid off are nonrefundable. This is because keeping a product off the market for up to 30 days reduces the chances of sales to those who can pay for a painting all at once.

If the remaining balance is not paid off within 30 days of first deposit, the artwork(s) being reserved will be put back on the market for others to buy. Furthermore, the first deposit and any subsequent partial payments cannot be used towards reserving nor buying that painting nor any other products. Only original paintings are eligible for payment plans. 

If I live in the Bay Area, can I pick up my order?

Yes! Simply use BAYAREA to remove shipping costs and send me an email to arrange pickup at my studio in Oakland.

How will my order be shipped?

Your order will be shipped via USPS. Upon being shipped you will be notified wand provided with the tracking number of your purchase(s).

Will my purchase come with a frame?

Not always. Unless the words, "frame included", are in the description of your purchase(s), your piece(s) will be shipped without a frame. However, you can now choose to add a frame to most products. Frame size and color depend on inventory and dimensions of painting(s).